- The Oracles of Time (1 2) - (HD)10:34

- The Oracles of Time (1 2) - (HD)

The full episode of "The Oracles of Time Part 1"

The Oracles of Time Part 1 Title Card

The title card for the episode.

"The Oracles of Time (Part 1)" is the first episode of the "Doctor Who Second Life" series. It is also the first episode of Series 1. 

The episode was dedicated to the memory of David ("FoolishDoctor"), the actor who was going to voice the part of The Doctor, but had unfortunately died during production of the series: Future episodes of the series will also be dedicated to him. 


The Doctor is called by Ferlayni, the new head of the Shadow Proclamation. She reveals to The Doctor that he is being arrested for saving a women named Carta Lonklane, whose death would have lead her brother to create a list of 50 instructions on how to go back into someone's personal timeline without endangering the universe, the 49th being a way to kill a Weeping Angel stone dead: She also reveals that The Lonely Assasins (The Weeping Angels) are building up an army.

Before Ferlayni can execute him, however, a Weeping Angel gets into the room. Using his Sonic Screwdriver, The Doctor transfers some energy from the TARDIS to the Weeping Angel, controlling the destination of where it sends him.

He lands on Earth, a day before he is due to save Carta. Ferlayni then tells The Doctor through telephone that there are two things he needs to do: One, convince his past self that he shouldn't save Carta's life, and two, not to phycically face his past self, as doing so would make them both disintergrate from time.


  • When The Doctor first enters the Shadow Proclamation, he refers to himself as "The Oncoming Storm" and "The Predator": These nicknames for The Doctor were used in  "The Parting of the Ways" and "Asylum of the Daleks", respectively. 

Cast Edit

  • Ixmal Supermarine as "The Doctor"
  • Judy767 Resident as "Ferlayni"


  • Written by: Daniel Mulholland
  • Produced by: Samuel Brown and Lionel Turner
  • Logo by: Nathan Roberts
  • Music by: William Bavenport (Offical composer) and David Arnold

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