Doctor Who Second Life Title Sequence (HD)00:42

Doctor Who Second Life Title Sequence (HD)

The official Series 1 title sequence

The Oracles of Time Snapshot

A snapshot from "The Oracles of Time (Part 1)"

Series 1Edit

Series 1 of the Doctor Who Second Life series will be the first series of the show, introducing a new Doctor, a new companion, and of course, a host of new and original stories for you to enjoy. 

When will it be made/distributed?Edit

A question you may be asking is how long will it take to make these episodes, and how long will it be until you can watch them: Keep in mind that these episodes take a lot of time to make, so it may take a while for us to completely film them all.

The episodes themselves will be distributed from between 2013 to 2014, so for futhur updates, please subscribe to the CenterX YouTube channel and like the CenterX Facebook page.

Primary Cast/CharactersEdit

  • The Doctor - "Ixmal Supermarine"
  • Larka Lonklane - Daniel Mulholland

Episode ListEdit

    1. The Oracles of Time (Part 1/2) Edit

Written by: Daniel Mulholland (

Summary: The Doctor has broken the Laws of Time and is facing a sentance of execution. With the Weeping Angels hot on his trail, he finds out two hands are better than one.

    2. This Just In...Edit

Written by: Samuel Brown (

Summary: In 1938, a radio drama about an alien invasion sent America into panic: At least, that's how The Doctor remembers it, but a looming spaceship and aliens with an unexcpected purpose seems to prove him wrong.

    3. Project DarwinEdit

Written by: Connor Haywood (

Summary: War brings out the worst in people, and this case is more so than others: The Doctor and Larka find a Professor who has the power of evolution in his hands...

    4. NovaEdit

Written by: Samuel Brown (

Summary: The Doctor and Larka are stuck in a bitter war, with no sides to take and no enemy to fight: Their one and only goal is to get off the planet alive.

    5. The Life and Death of Emily DavisonEdit

Written by: Samuel Brown (

Summary: In early 20th Century England, the Suffragette movement is in full swing, but Larka is about to find out the bitter reality of time travel and how the laws of time must be followed. 

    6. Terminal Edit

Written by Daniel Mulholland (

Summary: Tetly Airport in the near future would seem like any other airport, but with the passengers going missing, and an all knowing species present, what awaits the journeys end for The Doctor and Larka?

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